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The Best Books On Personal Development

What’s the most important to you right now? Is it career and business success? Fulfilling your true potential? Improving your happiness and well-being? Becoming more productive? Having loving and meaningful relationships? Building your financial intelligence and wealth?  Whatever your goals, one thing’s for sure: there’s always room to learn and grow. We’ve done the hard work of curating a range of the best personal development books to help you achieve every imaginable self development goal. [Click here to start reading the free summaries of top self development books now!]

Which are the Best Self Development Books to Read?

The right books for you actually depend on the skills or personal development areas that you wish to work on. You can start browsing the titles below to get some ideas, search our database for specific book titles or topics (e.g. people skills, health, wealth), or start with these 3 timeless titles that are applicable for any stage of your life:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Use these 7 timeless principles (based on 200 years of literature review) to have a holistic approach to success;

Atomic Habits. To succeed in any area, we need to build good habits and remove bad ones. This book explains how habits are formed, and how you can create better habits with a 4-step plan.

Awaken the Giant Within: Here, renowned coach Anthony Robbins guides you on how to unlock your true potential, raise your standards, change your limiting beliefs, and adopt specific strategies to unleash your inner giant.

Mastery: Learn how you can systematically develop mastery in 3 phases, to enjoy both money and fulfillment doing what you naturally love.

What’s the Best Way to Learn from Personal Development Books?

ReadinGraphics’ summaries come in text, infographic and audio formats to cater to different learning styles. Below, you’ll find the free versions of all our self development book summaries.

The best way (or rather, the only way) to learn is to apply the insights. We recommend that you:
1. Read a complete book or the full book summary. [Or, read a few related summaries at one go to gain a broader perspective on a topic.]
2. Review the key ideas through our specially-designed infographics, to lock in the concepts visually.
3. Choose a framework, principle or action step and start applying it.
4. Return in a few weeks or months to review the same book/summary. You’ll probably realize that you now understand the same concept differently, and can now refine your approach.  Keep learning, reviewing and refining your approach in an upward cycle of growth!

Ready to dive in? Start reading the free summaries of the best personal development books now!

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