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“I enjoy the book infographics so much. Selling them for 50% commissions is such a no-brainer.
Brilliant stuff!”


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Business Angle

Subject: What if you can read a book at a glance?

Subject: Just 3 minutes a day to grow your business/career.

Subject: Find solutions to ANY goal or challenge.

Subject: Get actionable insights from top books--in minutes.

Subject: What anyone serious about success must know.


Hey (name),

Do you realize that your business/career will only grow as fast and big as you? And there's SO much to learn – personal effectiveness, leadership, marketing, business strategy....the list goes on.

Imagine if you can actually get the key ideas from a book at a glance (literally), to decide which books and ideas are most relevant to you.

Imagine you can zoom in further to digest the entire book in less than 10 minutes and get actionable insights that you could apply straightaway?

Guess what, it's completely possible. I just finished 3 books over coffee this morning, and it feels so good to be overflowing with ideas and insights.

You can too. Just check out this amazing success hack: [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE*]]


In short, we're talking about the top personal development and business books, summarized in 1 page of simple-to-digest graphics.

This means that you can see ideas at a glance, zoom in on the solutions you seek, and review them easily to connect the dots.

Imagine that – insights on every possible area of your life, from business strategy to motivation, success, wealth, relationships etc., right at your fingertips. 

 And the great thing is, each of these books can be digested in just 3 minutes flat! 

Let me show you exactly what I mean. [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE*]]

The best news is this. There’s a time-limited offer right now on the monthly and annual subscriptions. You can get access to 90+ FREE summaries (worth >$1,000) plus 3 summaries a month at up to 66% off the price. 

Find out how to lock in this amazing success tool at huge discounts before it expires


This is such an unbelievable offer:

  • You get to “read” more than 120 best-selling titles in a year for just $1+ per title.
  • Each title can be digested in just 3 minutes, and reviewed over and over again.
  • Each title comes with an additional 8-12 page summary, so you can zoom in on details any time.
  • Plus an audio summary so you listen and learn on the go.
  • You have the option to download these materials so you can use them anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • You get additional free tips through email. 

With this, you can pop as many “insight pills” as you need in a day, or zoom in on ideas for any work or personal challenge you face.


The offer is ending real soon, so grab your copies of ReadinGraphics now before it’s too late!




To your success,



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