Work Rules!

WORK RULES!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

By Laszlo Bock

What’s behind Google’s phenomenal success and why do they do what they do? In “Work Rules!”, Laszlo Bock (former VP of People Operations in Google, Inc) shares his insider perspective on what makes Google tick and how you and your company can duplicate some of these winning ideas.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• Why a “high-freedom culture” is vital for attracting global talents and achieving outstanding performance, and what it takes to build such a culture;
• Why Google invests in hiring only the top talents, and how it attracts, cultivates and selects the best hires for Google;
• Why most companies’ performance management systems are flawed, and uncover the unusual approach that Google uses to reward and motivate its people, and to help them improve;
• Why most training and courses don’t work, and learn the strategies that Google uses to improve organizational learning and influence employee behaviors; and
• The tips on to use the ideas fro this book to define and refine your own work rules.

Who should read this:
• CEOs and leaders/executives
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Human Resources specialists and business consultants

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