The First 90 Days

THE FIRST 90 DAYS: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter

by Michael D. Watkins

The first few months of any career transition—be it a promotion, a new job or a lateral transfer—are critical and can determine if you succeed or fail in the new role. This book presents a framework with strategies and tools to help shorten your learning curve and build momentum within the first 90 days of any new management role. You can apply the principles/strategies (i) for any leadership level (from a junior manager to a CEO), (ii) any type of career transition (e.g. changes in company, job scope or location) and (iii) at both an individual and organizational level.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• What are the key transition traps to avoid, and what are the 10 transition strategies and principles you can use to build the right foundations for any new role; and
Proven transition-acceleration strategies and practical tips, including how to prepare yourself in advance, accelerate your learning, tailor your strategy, negotiate success, get early wins, build alignment, develop a winning team, cultivate alliances, manage yourself and accelerate others to multiply results.

Who should read this:
• Anyone making a career transition (e.g. promotion, change of job, overseas posting)
• Leaders, business executives, human resource (HR) professionals, coaches

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