The Advantage

THE ADVANTAGE: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business

By Patrick Lencioni

Organizational health is like the glue that holds the parts of an organization together; it determines how well an institution’s components (e.g. strategy, culture, management, operations) fit together so it can function consistently as a whole. A healthy organization enjoys high morale and productivity, while an unhealthy organization is plagued by politics, confusion and staff turnover.  This is a guidebook that explains the 4 disciplines that can be used by business leaders to improve the health of any organization.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
Why organizational health is vital and how it can deliver a real advantage for your company; 
• The 4 disciplines of organizational health–with specific tips on how to build a cohesive leadership team, gain clarity of your core purpose, key values/desired behaviors, business definition, strategies and short-term priority, then communicate and institutionalize them in your organization; and
• The 4 types of meetings any healthy organization should have to become more productive and implement the 4 disciplines effectively.

Who should read this:
• Business executives, leaders, managers
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Coaches, trainers and consultants

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