Business Strategy Bundle


Your Toolkit for Building a Lasting Organization in Times of Change

Is your business at risk of becoming obsolete? Are you struggling to understand and keep up with new disruptive businesses models that are changing the foundations of your industry? How can you build a lasting organization in times of change? This bundle equips you with the crucial principles and tools to build successful, profitable brands that thrive for generations. These are essential knowledge for any leader or owner of an established organization.

Here are some powerful takeaways you can expect from this bundle:

• Understand what strategy really is, and how to align and cascade your strategic decisions across all levels of your business or consortium;

• Learn what it takes to become the top 1% of businesses, through the winning blend of leadership, market niche, mindset, innovation, people, and culture to create unstoppable momentum;

• Find out how top brands like 3M and Walt Disney maintain leadership positions for generations, and consistently out-perform competitors by as much as 15 times;

• Get access to proven strategies, techniques, and tools that can help you to systematically carve out new uncontested markets and beat your competition without fighting them head-on;

• Discover how to identify disruptive technologies that can render your business irrelevant, and become aware of blind spots that can lead to your downfall;

• Know the 5 stages of decline that can plague even the best and mightiest organizations, and learn to identify the symptoms so you can take corrective action before it becomes too late; and

• Come face-to-face with some of your organization’s learning disabilities, and find out what it takes to build a dynamic learning organization that learns, evolves and thrives organically.

This summary bundle (worth $84) includes
• 6x text summaries in pdf;
• 6x audio summaries in mp3; and
• 6x infographic summaries in pdf.
Get all 6 sets of summaries at only $47!

Best for: Organizatioanl leaders and executives, entrepreneurs and owners of businesses with an established model and team.

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