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Master the Essential Strategies & Frameworks for Driving Successful Innovations

Any organization—from a startup to an established institution—needs constant innovation to succeed and thrive, especially in our ever-changing environment. This bundle offers powerful strategies, frameworks and tools to help any professional or leader to drive successful innovation, from new product innovation to digital transformation.

Here are some powerful takeaways you can expect from this bundle:

• Learn how concepts like Agile, Scrum and Lean can be used for managing your teams and innovation to minimize waste, improve innovation success, team adaptability and deliver superior performance;

• Find our how minimum viable prototypes (MVPs) work and how to use a proven step-by-step blueprint to refine your initial plan to a plan that works;

• Uncover the changes in strategic assumptions as we move from the analog to digital age, and find out how you transform your business for the digital age, using 9 key strategic planning tools in 5 strategic domains;

• Gain deep insights into disruptive technologies and business models, and learn how you can diagnose and respond to disruptive forces in your industry (or develop your own disruptive business models); and

• See innovation come to life with the real-life case study of how the founders of Pixar Animation built its creative culture and successfully applied various tools and approaches to revitalize Disney Animation.

This summary bundle (worth $84) includes
• 6x text summaries in pdf;
• 6x audio summaries in mp3; and
• 6x infographic summaries in pdf.
Get all 6 book summaries at only $47!

Best for: (i) Leaders, managers, and professionals involved with technology and product innovation, product design, and business development, (ii) Anyone who’s interested to learn about new innovation frameworks and approaches.

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