TRACTION: How any Startup can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

By Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

Most startups fail because they cannot get enough customers before they run out of money.  Traction is the measurable evidence of customer demand–it signals that your company is taking off, and makes it easier to attract investors, talents, partners and publicity. This book  shows you how to think differently about growing your business, to get more customers and achieve massive growth.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The concept of traction thinking and why most startups fail;
• How you can use the 50% rule, Bullseye and Critical Path frameworks to focus your resources effectively and maximize your chances of business success; and
• The 19 powerful traction channels, and how you can test, optimize and prioritize them to get the most from your investments and have unlimited ways to get more customers. The channels covered are: Blogs, Publicity, Unconventional PR, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social and Display Ads, Offline Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing, Engineering as Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Affiliate Programs, Existing Platforms, Trade Shows, Offline Events, Speaking Engagements, and Community Building.

Who should read this:
• Business owners and entrepreneurs
• People with roles/responsibilities in sales, marketing, business development and business strategy

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