Outthink the Competition

OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION: How A New Generation Of Strategists See Options Others Ignore

By Kaihan Krippendorff

The global business landscape is changing radically – old business models are being disrupted and new market niches and leaders are emerging rapidly in their place.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• How to identify the pattern behind Competitive Revolutions and to create your own revolution;

• Powerful strategies and options that you can use to develop your “Outthinker’s Playbook”; and

• How to apply the 5 Outthinker Habits and 5 Outthinker Processes, to systematically identify strategic options that competitors miss, and reengineer your organization to become truly competitive amidst constant change and disruptions.

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3 reviews for Outthink the Competition

  1. Michael

    “Outthink the Competition” is one of these rare business books that can become a classic in no time… this book targets those executives that truly want to move their companies to a long-term success trajectory above and away from the competition. Don’t read “Outthink” if you are an executive or business owner who is just happy with the current status and does not want to rock the proverbial boat by departing from the crowd. If, however, you want or need to put your thinking cap on in order to find dramatically different ways to make your company grow successfully, Kaihan’s book is a must-read. [Review from GoodReads]

  2. Beverly

    Found this an interesting read being market conscious. Gave me new insight about thinking about an organization. [Review from GoodReads]

  3. Louise Silk

    In his book, Krippendorff does an outstanding job explaining the future of business with many examples of very successful companies that “outthink” the competition with what he calls “a new playbook.”
    Really interesting and thought provoking. [Review from GoodReads]

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