The Personal MBA

THE PERSONAL MBA: Master the Art of Business

By Josh Kaufman

Why pay a 6-digit figure for an MBA program when you can use the time and resources for real-life education instead?  Many of the ideas taught in MBA programs are outdated in our fast-changing business world, and there’s no strong evidence that an MBA improves business or career success. The Personal MBA is a self-study book that presents more than 200 vital business concepts in layman terms.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• Why you should consider self-education instead of going to business school;
How businesses work, including concepts and tips for 5 essential parts of business – Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, and Finance;
How people work, including understanding how the human mind thinks and functions, how to improve your own productivity and effectiveness, and how to work with others;
How systems work, including understanding complex systems and their components, how to analyze your systems and improve/ optimize them.

Who should read this book:
• Entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers
• Business students, academia, and those interested to learn about business.

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