Winning In Service Markets

WINNING IN SERVICE MARKETS: Success through People, Technology and Strategy

by Jochen Wirtz

This is a useful handbook for services marketing, that combines detailed and up-to-date academic research, with practical tips for real-life application for all key aspects of services marketing and management.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

•The difference between products vs services marketing;
• The 5-part framework for services marketing and 3 stages of service consumption;
• How to apply the 4Ps of marketing to services;
• What it means to design your services process & servicescape, manage service staff for competitive advantage, and balance demand and supply; and
• The components of building customer relationships and loyalty, and building an excellent service organization.

Who should read this:
• Corporate leaders and marketers
• Researchers, academia, and people interested to learn the fundamentals of services marketing

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