The Outward Mindset

THE OUTWARD MINDSET: Seeing Beyond Ourselves

by The Arbinger Institute

Our results are determined by our actions/behaviors, which are in turn shaped by our mindsets and perspectives. By making a fundamental mindset shift–from an inward mindset to an outward mindset–you can transform your personal and professional relationships, team collaboration and innovation.

An inward mindset focuses on your own goals, needs, wants, and interests, while an outward mindset helps you to look beyond yourself to consider other people’s needs, wants, and challenges as fellow human beings. This simple but powerful shift allows you to intuitively understand what your colleagues, friends, and family need, to improve your relationships, success and happiness.

In this summary, you learn:

• The difference between inward and outward mindsets, and why/how they affect your relationships;
• The 3 steps to make a mind shift at a personal, team/organizational level; and
• Additional insights from various real-life case studies to understand how a single mindset shift can create lasting change.

Who should read this:
• Business owners, leaders, and managers
• Anyone who wishes to improve your relationships, achieve better results and  create lasting change.

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