The Laws of Human Nature


by Robert Greene

Human nature is the way we act instinctively. It comes from the way our brains are wired after millions of years of evolution. Is it possible to actually understand human behavior, make sense of others and your own emotions/actions? In this book, Robert Greene integrates deep insights from an extensive study of literature on psychology and philosophy, to present the 18 laws of human nature that explain why humans behave the way we do. The insights will help you to become a better judge of character, manage your thought patterns, empathize with others and motivate/influence them more effectively.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 18 laws to understand human tendencies with regard to: irrationality, narcissism, role-playing, compulsive behavior, covetousness, shortsightedness, defensiveness, self-sabotage, repression, envy, grandiosity, gender rigidity, aimlessness, conformity, fickleness, aggression, generational myopia, and death denial.
• The key behavioral traits, for each of the 18 laws, to look out for in yourself and others, and gain strategies you can use to manage your own impulses, avoid negative outcomes and influence others in desired ways.

Who should read this:
• Leaders and people who want to deepen your knowledge of psychology and influence techniques
• Anyone who wants to improve your self-awareness and relationships

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