The Power of Now

THE POWER OF NOW: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

By Eckhart Tolle

This book is a spiritual self-help guide to help us discover our true Being, release our pain and find deep inner peace. When we are intensely present in the Now, we respond from deep consciousness and flow with ease and joy in life. In so doing, we can better fulfill our outer purpose (to achieve goals and seek to create a better world), while fulfilling our inner purpose and truly changing the world at cause.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• How you have been enslaved by the illusion of time, sense of self and your mind;

• Useful exercises and tips to develop present-moment awareness, and a deeper connection with your Inner Being;

• How you can overcome fear, pain, and illnesses, to flow with joy and inner peace; and

• What it means to achieve enlightenment, and to concurrently fulfill your inner and outer purpose.

Who should read this:
• Anyone seeking spiritual growth, inner peace and enlightenment
• Those interested in mindfulness and meditative practices

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6 reviews for The Power of Now

  1. Khadidja

    i loved this book so much i’ll probably read it again, I agree with the author on so many things …. like the fact that the word “God” is misused and By misuse, I mean that people who have never even glimpsed the realm of the sacred, the infinite vastness behind that word, use it with great conviction, as if they knew what they are talking about. Or they argue against it, as if they knew what it is that they are denying. This misuse gives rise to absurd beliefs, assertions, and egoic delusions. [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Stacy

    Mr. Tolle spent two years sitting on park benches and simply “living in the moment” prior to writing this book. I doubt whether I will ever take the time in my life to do such a thing, however the suggestion he offers that we all spend a ridiculous amount of time either worrying about the future, or dwelling on the past has impacted me in a huge way. Until I read this book, I never noticed how in sane my mind can make me if I choose to let it. Tolle implores the reader to take the reigns of his own mind, focus on the beauty and love around him, just like we all did when we were children and the world was full of wonder. We are still in that same world, but our vision has been clouded by meetings, appointments, paperwork, debt, clocks ticking, deadlines approaching, past frustrations and dissapointments, the list goes on and on and on if you let it. Tolle suggest that we have the power to focus on this very moment, as it is the only one we really have. The past is past and the future is not here, and may not ever come. A very enlightening book. I highly recomdend it to anyone who would like to improve the quality of this moment of their life. [Review from Goodreads]

  3. Jonathan

    The Power of Now is an appealingly written mix of powerful spiritual truths, meaningless babble, and falsehoods. Tolle has taken some good wisdom from the world’s religions, dressed it in New Age language, personalized it with his own less impressive wisdom, and then used a powerful personal story* to sell the book. I gave it the second star because it really does emphasize some good aspects of spirituality (especially the freedom of living in the moment)… (But), he is quite egotistical for a spiritual authority. He has a very outsized view of how “enlightened” he is compared to everyone else and how greatly the world will benefit from his personal work. [Review from Goodreads]

  4. Jess Kang

    A whole new enlightenment..

  5. Alex Gluchowski

    I would think it’s a complete bullshit if I haven’t had personal experience of this state of mind. I’m not sure the book is a good guide how to get there, but a very keen description of what it is like. [Review from Goodreads]

  6. Diamond Cowboy

    Eckhart Tolle is an excellent teacher. He teaches us a simple concept of living in the now and what happiness and blessings can be gleened from this practice. It is a very strait forward teaching but with Tolle’s dynamic writing style he brings each page to life for the reader.
    I recommend this book to all. [Review from Goodreads]

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