You Can Heal Your Life


By Louise Hay

This was one of the pioneers in self-help books. Louise Hay provides insights into the relationship between mind and body, and shows how limiting thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions affect us and are linked to our physical diseases. With the right mental work, we can turn around or create positive outcomes in any area that we desire.  

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• How to do mental housecleaning, let go of the past and overcome your natural resistance to change;
• The ways to build your new life with the right thoughts, self-approval, and a holistic approach to your mental and emotional wellness;
• How to “listen” to your body through its eases and dis-eases; and
• A series of affirmations, exercises and treatments as if you were personally guided by Hay in a consultation.

Who should read this:
• Healers, therapists, professionals involved in holistic wellness;
• People facing challenges with physical, mental, and emotional health;
• Anyone interested in personal development, affirmations, spiritual growth, alternative treatments

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6 reviews for You Can Heal Your Life

  1. Ibrahim

    As usual I was hesitant to read this book as it is not “Christian” but the more I read in it the more I like it and the more I gleaned from it in practical ways in order to overcome resentment and practice forgiveness and thus receive healing. Christian preacher keep telling us we need to forgive and so on and we end up feeling even more guilty. Louise is fantastic: she doesn’t yell and she has given me some ideas, practical ideas to apply. What is funny and being the cheater that I am, I take her New Age concepts and Christianize them, and boom, it is a Christian book my size :-) So anytime I read the word Universe, I simply read it as “The Lord” and they book keeps reading more beautifully.

    The book has good points but thoughts are not deep, not developed, an can be simplistic at times, hence loss of my patience…The book lacks color and detail. [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Rishelle Vinson

    I heart this book! I read it when I was fifteen and it changed the way I structured my thinking. Louise L. Hay sent about a dozen copies to my mom and she handed them out to a bunch of my friends. I have bought copies for so many people over the years because she offers such a great way to think about life. It puts the reader in the realization that we have a life we can learn to love and we can use the tools in her book to change it. It’s pretty much a psychology book with spiritual undertones. Anyone of any religion could read this book and get something out of it. I have to say that this book lightly touches these concepts and so it is a great read for someone who would know nothing about psychology or spirituality.
    In the back of the book she has a list of dis-eases of the body and then has a corresponding affirmation to help minimize whatever problem is going on. She basically says that diseases start in ones mind and we draw certain things to our bodies because our minds are thinking certain negative thoughts. What happens to our bodies are a direct manifestation of whatever negative thing is going on in our mind. This puts the power into the person to know they have tools such as their mind to possibly heal themselves or at least improve any situation.
    I love this book because it taught me at a young age that possibilities in life are endless if you do not bind yourself to any beliefs that will hold you back. It taught me to listen to myself and the things I say in my head on a regular basis. Then I can train myself to stop the negativity and replace it with love and a corresponding affirmation. What a beautiful book for someone with a semi-open mind and who wants to change their thought processes and create a life they want to live. [Review from Goodreads]

  3. Lynn Wilson

    This is a classic, and can be very useful as long as one doesn’t get too literal about these things. I find that sometimes people in the “new age” community use this kind of information to judge and define rather than to support themselves or others with possible interpretations. [Review from Goodreads]

  4. Therese

    This is a tough book for me to admit to. Because its self-help. And its got goofy-sounding psuedo-science around the edges…and its hippy flakey commie witchy woman so on so forth… everything that is the opposite of how I indentify myself.

    But damn. The core of it is one revolutionary idea that I can’t disassemble, with any amount of cynicism or logic. And that is: I’m choosing my life. All sadness, failure, struggle in my life…I’m creating it, ASKING for it, even. And it can change. [Review from Goodreads]

  5. Awdhesh Singh

    A very nice book with many practical wisdom.The book explains the tremendous power of body to heal itself. [Review from Goodreads]

  6. Leo

    These materials present a great objective overview of Hay’s main messages.

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