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Discover the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivators, and the 3 ingredients to unleash your inner drive, for greater productivity and fulfillment. More details below. Download the Drive Book Summary in pdf infographic, text and audio formats, or preview the book summary via our blog.

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Discover the 3 ingredients to unleash your inner drive and results!

Reward “good” behaviors and punish “bad” behaviors – that’s the carrot-and-stick approach to motivation that most of us are familiar with.

Drawing on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Daniel H. Pink reveals the elements of true motivation – autonomy, mastery, and purpose – that can truly release people’s innate drive to improve productivity and fulfillment.


What you can gain from this summary by ReadinGraphics:

• Learn the optimal “operating system” for the 21st century;

• Uncover the 3 ingredients to unleash you and your team’s inner drive; and

• Find out how to use extrinsic rewards effectively, including the importance of “baseline rewards” and applying the right structure of extrinsic rewards to match the job.  


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• A one-page reading graphic, or infographic summary in pdf;
• A 9-page text summary in pdf; and
• A 17-min audio summary in mp3

2. Graphic + Text bundle ($9.97)
• A one-page reading graphic, or infographic summary in pdf; and
• A 9-page text summary in pdf

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[Note: You can also enjoy this summary through our Subscription Plans]

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3 reviews for Drive

  1. Missie

    He is selling forcefully the idea of motivation 3.0. But other than that he managed to get me thinking and taught me a thing or two I can directly apply immediately at work and in business. [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Matthew Aumann

    Everyone, no matter your job, should read this book. It will either confirm what you knew/suspected about motivation and give you actions and suggestions to capitalize on these ideas. Or, it may be completely new ideas, possibly contradicting what you think about people and motivation. If so, definitely take the time to consider the research, rethink your beliefs and experiences, and attempt to work at least some of this book into your life. [Review from Goodreads]

  3. Kimber Lybbert

    Four stars for the fact that the subject matter plagues me daily. Deeply thought provoking. Parents and teachers should all read this! Or at least skim through and read the interesting parts. [Review from Goodreads]

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