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Get in the Go Zone

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Learn how to create time instead of just trying to manage time!

Apply the Go Zone “time creation program” to carve out extra time for yourself, your family and your personal success. See more details below. Download Get in the Go Zone Summary in pdf text, infographic and audio formats now!
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GET IN THE GO ZONE: Making the Most of Me

By Mark McKeon

Tired of trying to manage your time? How about creating time instead? The Go Zone is a Time Creation Program that focuses on creating habits that incorporate a number of productivity techniques, to help you accomplish your work while carving out extra time for yourself, your family and your personal success.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• How to develop positive habits to get important things done in less time;
• How you can control when to focus and when to cruise, hence reducing your stress levels;
• How to enjoy “me time” with no guilt, and have fun in all 3 zones; and
• How to get in your Ideal Performance State for peak performance!

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers, and busy executives;
• Anyone feeling overwhelmed or wish to improve their personal effectiveness and productivity.

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