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Finding Flow

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Find out how to maximize opportunities for growth and fulfillment 

Learn how to transform your daily activities and relationships into opportunities for growth and fulfillment. See more details below. Download Finding Flow Summary in pdf text, infographic and audio formats now!
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FINDING FLOW:The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life

By Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi

The book answers the questions: What is a good life? How anyone can create an excellent life? How to transform every-day activities into an opportunity for engagement, enjoyment and growth?  It explains why happiness alone isn’t enough, and how “flow” can create true excellence and quality of life.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• Insights on how you are expending time and psychic energy in what you do, who you spend time with and where you place your intentions;

• Why work isn’t necessarily bad, and why leisure may not necessarily improve your quality of life; and

• How to transform your activities and relationships into opportunities for flow (and hence enjoyment, growth, and fulfillment).

Who should read this:

• Business leaders, managers, educators, and people-development professionals

• Anyone interested in psychology, peak performance, and personal fulfillment

2 reviews for Finding Flow

  1. Chris Webber

    Along similar lines of the books Stumbling on Happiness and The Happiness Hypothesis, Finding Flow describes tools that contribute to a paradigm shift that help improve quality of life. Happiness is a loaded word, coming with all sorts of connotations depending on who is defining it…
    Finding Flow is loaded with practical, relevant information. As one shifts, evolves and grows in the personal arena, the tips used in this book provide an excellent segue to minimize developmental bumps.
    [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Thuan Le

    I know about this book from the reference list of the “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer”.
    This book might be the pratical version of the author’s “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”. Comparing between those books, this one is much more easier to understand. [Review from Goodreads]
    The book focuses on acheving flow in different areas of life: work, leisure, fate,… But the main idea to achieve the flow is: set a goal/challenge, use your skills, examine different approaches to see which one is suit for yourself, and pratice the concertration.

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