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The 5 Love Languages

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Uncover how you can enhance your relationship and feel deeply loved by mastering the 5 love languages!

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Uncover how you can enhance your relationship and feel deeply loved

Are you hoping to turn around your marriage or deepen your relationship with your children?  Do you wish to express your love fully and to feel loved in return?

Similar to spoken language, we all have different “primary” love languages and “secondary” love languages. Many marriages fail not because couples don’t put in the effort, but because they are expressing their love in the “wrong” ways.

When you learn to understand and speak your spouse’s (or child’s) love language, you will be able to effectively express your love and truly feel loved in return.


The ideas in this book can truly transform your relationships:

• Uncover the 5 emotional love languages and their various “dialects”;

• Find out how to identify you and your spouses’ love language, to become fluent in the right love language(s), and to avoid common mistakes that couples make;

• Discover tools, tips, and activities that you can apply to deepen your relationship or turn around your marriage; and

• Learn how to strengthen the bonds with your children by using the right love language.


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• A 10-page text/graphic summary in pdf


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3 reviews for The 5 Love Languages

  1. Shannon (leaninglights)

    I absolutely recommend this book to EVERYONE. Whether you are married, dating, single, whatever. The ideas and concepts in this book will benefit any relationship. The idea of loving others the way they need to be loved might feel counterintuitive, but it something so essential to growing as a person and understanding what love really is.
    I had always known about this book and the love languages, but this was the first time I actually read it. Of course, as with any self-help type of book, there were a few cheesy moments, which is why I docked it half a star, but overall it was a fantastic read! [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Vilda

    This was definitely an interesting read! I really like the idea of love languages, as well as different dialects for these since everyone is unique. There’s probably a lot more to making a marriage work than just speaking each others love languages, but I’m sure doing that does help making each other feel loved. [Review from Goodreads]

  3. André Bueno

    Really interesting book on decoding the different ways people feel appreciated/loved through communication. I feel this book could also be applied outside of romantic relationships in order to better understand peers, coworkers, subordinates, etc. [Review from Goodreads]

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