The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive


by Patrick Lencioni

As a leader, it’s important to know things like strategy, marketing, product innovation, etc. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all these “intellectual” issues if you neglect the 1 thing with the biggest impact on your company—organizational health.  A healthy organization is whole and consistent, i.e. its culture, management, strategy and operations all fit together coherently. Like a healthy body, a healthy organization can function optimally, and is more resilient to threats and challenges. So, what does it take to build such a world-class  organization? In this book, Patrick Lencioni uses a fable to explain the concept of organizational health and how you can build it with 4 key disciplines.

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• The 4 disciplines behind a healthy organization. Specifically, learn how you can (i) build and maintain a cohesive leadership team, (ii) create clarity on what truly matters (and what doesn’t) so there are clear guiding principles for decision making, (iii) overcommunicate organizational clarity so everyone at all levels are aligned, and (iv) reinforce clarity by building it into 4 key processes (hiring, performance management, rewards/recognition and dismissal).

• The observable behaviors for each of the 4 disciplines: Assess where your organization stands and learn how to develop each of these area.

Who should read this:
• Entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders
• Business / strategy consultants

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