The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

THE ENTREPRENEUR ROLLER COASTER: Why now is the time to #JointheRide

By Darren Hardy

No idea how to start a business or what to expect? In this guidebook, Hardy gives you a glimpse into what the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride is all about and how you can prepare yourself to improve your chances of success in business.  These tips are based on Hardy’s own experience after building several successful businesses, as well as insights gained from interviewing top leaders and business magnates as the former-publisher of the SUCCESS magazine.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• How you can find the drive or motivation to survive the rough entrepreneurial roller coaster ride;
• How to build your resilience to overcome the rejection and ridicule which you’ll inevitably face;
• How to assess/re-prioritize your strategic focus, and how to use 9 key steps to build your sales muscles;
• How to hire the right A-Players and lead them to build a high-performing culture;
• The 4 areas to focus on, so you can become increasingly productive as your business grows; and
• How to conquer your fears and keep your sight on what truly matters.

Who should read this:
• Aspiring entrepreneurs or owners or startups
• People deciding whether to start a business


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