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Grow your Financial Intelligence & Increase your Wealth  

Do you understand the current economy, financial markets and opportunities around you? How can you manage your finances, take control of your mind and emotions, to multiply your wealth? This bundle equips you with key financial/economic concepts and tips to improve your financial intelligence and accumulate your wealth. These are essential for anyone who wants to improve your financial situation, build your nest-egg and/or achieve financial freedom.

Here are some powerful takeaways you can expect from this bundle:

• Understand why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and why the educated middle class struggle with their financial commitments. Get educated on important financial concepts like assets, liabilities, cashflow, taxes, wealth vs net worth, as well as what it means to make money work for you and grow your assets;

• Discover the surprising truths of how ordinary people became millionaires in 1 generation, and how you can apply the insights to accumulate and retain your wealth through generations;

• Find out how to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, and master the Ask-Believe-Receive process of creation to attract your desired life;

• Uncover how to reprogram your money blueprint to significantly increase your income and wealth. Understand the 17 ways that rich people think and act differently, and learn how to combine your inner mind game with your external tools to get rich;

• Get a glimpse of how the top financial minds think, learn how to win in financial markets, make sound investment decisions and master the psychology of wealth;

Grasp powerful economic concepts to make sense of business, people and the economy.

This summary bundle (worth $84) includes: 
• 6x text summaries in pdf;
• 6x audio summaries in mp3; and
• 6x graphic summaries in pdf.
Get all 6 book summaries at only $47!

Best for: (i) People who wish to improve improve your financial situation, build wealth and/or achieve financial freedom, and (ii) Investors, financial advisors/planners/professionals.

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