Our Iceberg is Melting

OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING: Changing And Succeeding Under Any Conditions

By John Kotter (With Holger Rathgeber)

Change is a complex process that can be hard to orchestrate and manage. Through a simple fable about a penguin colony, with life-like characters that we can identify with, this book presents important lessons for working and living with changes. It illustrates 8 steps that can anyone can use to deliver successful change, under any condition.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 8 steps to successful change management;
• How people think, feel and react to change, and how you can influence behaviours more effectively; and
• The types of people and situational considerations to consider in the change process.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers, human resource and change management professionals;
• Consultants and anyone who wants to learn about organizational change management.

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2 reviews for Our Iceberg is Melting

  1. Anthony

    At first I wondered how this book was different than “Who Moved My Cheese?” The answer is that this book deals with organizational or social change, while WMMC? deals mostly with personal change. The book accurately “types” people in a creative way, and subtly offers real tips for persuading large groups of people. Sadly, some people who read this book will not be swayed by it – not because the information is untrue, but because people are unaware of what they are doing and how they are feeling. [Review extracted from Goodreads]

  2. K.D. Absolutely

    You will like this book if you are working in a corporation that believes in continuous improvement driven by the desire to be the best leader and world-class. You will take this as a work bible if you want to be part of a big change and that your contribution is being desired and valued. Why not? Change is the only thing permanent in this world. When there is a change, we need to recognize it and be part of it instead of resisting it and stay forever in a morass…. My issue is the story in this book because there seems to be an on-going racket among these management book writers. This book is a fable with a colony of penguins and a seagull as characters. It has practically zero originality. [Review extracted from Goodreads]

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