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The Anatomy Of Peace

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Learn the root cause of all conflicts and how to achieve peaceful resolution

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THE ANATOMY OF PEACE: Resolving The Heart Of Conflict

by The Arbinger Institute

There’s a common root cause behind all types of conflict, be it at personal, professional or global levels. Often, our own perceptions and reactions end up perpetuating the very behaviors and outcomes that we don’t want. By understanding the patterns behind conflict escalation, being aware of own role in the conflicts, and having a framework to invite change, we can break the impasse to reach a peaceful resolution.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 2 Ways of Being that shape how we perceive and approach people and events, and learn the pattern behind conflict escalation;
• The 4 self-deception boxes or sets of stories we use to justify our actions and deceive ourselves; and
• How to use the Pyramid of Change to invite others to change, resolve conflict and acheve lasting peace.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, parents, educators, coaches and people developers
• Anyone who wants to improve your relationships and communication skills

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