The 5 AM Club

The 5AM CLUB: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life

by Robin Sharma

The 5AM Club is the cornerstone of achieving world-class performance and living a splendid life. It involves the habit of waking up at 5am daily, starting your day on a right note, and adopting a range of positive habits to multiply your results. Using a parable, Robin Sharma explains various productivity principles and tactics built on research and brain sciences. Find out how you can be in the top 5% of performers, and transform your results, happiness, and health!

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• The ingredients for top performance, including the 3-step success formula, 4 areas of focus, 4 interior empires (mindset, heartset, healthset, soulset), self-leadership, mastery, and more;

• About the human brain, willpower, habits formation, transient hypofrontality, flow, and other scientific concepts that affect your ability to enter a peak performance state;

• How to use the Victory Hour and 20/20/20 Formula to supercharge your morning, improve your baseline performance and transform you results/life; and

• The additional success strategies/concepts to amplify your productivity, e.g. the 90/90/1 Rule, 60/10 Cycles, evening routines, using a personal GPS, etc.

Who should read this:
• People who’re feeling stuck, demotivated, overwhelmed or frustrated with life.
• Anyone who wishes to improve your performance, productivity and fulfilment.

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