Start with Why

START WITH WHY: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

By Simon Sinek

Great leaders and organizations can create sustainable change because they inspire others. In the process, they create loyal followers who stick with them through thick and thin, so they can create success again and again. In this book, Sinek explains what it means to start with WHY, and how it can create true, lasting success for you and your business.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The limitation of the Carrots-and-Sticks approach and why great leaders Start with Why;
• The concept of The Golden Circle, and what it means to communicate from inside-out; and
• How to align your “Why”, “How” and “What” to build loyal followers and lasting success.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers, marketing and communications professionals; and
• Anyone who wants to improve their leadership, influence, or communication skills

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2 reviews for Start with Why

  1. Maggie

    This book was alright, for non-fiction, I guess. I totally buy what he’s dishing out, but….I would’ve found the book more helpful if it was skewed the other way: 97% devoted to identifying your personal WHY. Like with practical questionnaires and thought-starters and exercises, filters for testing whether it’s a good/real WHY…really practical shit to help me find my WHY. [Review extracted from GoodReads]

  2. Natalie

    Start with Why is one of my all time favorite Ted Talks. This book is a longer version of the same concept. [Review from Goodreads]

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