Selling the Invisible

SELLING THE INVISIBLE: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

By Harry Beckwith

Sales and Marketing is at the heart of any company’s survival.  And today, most companies—including McDonalds, Federal Express, American Express, Levi’s—are selling services, not products. Services are inherently more invisible than products, and call for a different sales & marketing approach. The book offers more than 100 tips and insights on how to sell services effectively.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 3 fundamentals to address before you start your marketing;
• Useful dos and don’ts about surveys and research;
• Insights about planning pitfalls and marketing silos;
• How your prospects think, and how to think about your positioning and focus, and how to nurture and keep your clients; and
• Useful tips for more effective pricing, naming, branding, and communication.

Who should read this:
• Business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales professionals;
• Anyone interested in learning about business development and services sales and marketing.

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2 reviews for Selling the Invisible

  1. Michael

    This is one of the best and most useful books on marketing I have ever read. Even after 20 years, I still often refer to some of its most memorable and vital lessons. It’s simple, mid-Western, plain-speaking style, cuts through the bullshit that characterizes so much of today’s marketing literature. Think of this as part of the pantheon that includes Reis & Trout, Leavitt and Peters, but with a directness and accessibility that makes it ready to use for your entire organization. It’s focus on service also makes it required reading for anyone delving into the field of service design. [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Nic

    Some nuggets in this book. Interesting stories to go along with some of the ideas and lessons. On the whole an easy read but some of it was obvious and repetitive. [Review from Goodreads]

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