Just Listen

JUST LISTEN: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

by Mark Goulston

Communication is an essential part of human relations. And, it can be frustrating when we can’t get across to others. Often, we respond by pushing harder, only to create even more resistance. In this book, psychiatrist, coach and consultant Mark Goulston shares the communication rules and techniques to get buy-in, so they’ll cooperate and take action willingly.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• The Persuasion Cycle which explains the steps involved in any type of persuasion (moving people from Resisting => Listening => Considering => Willing to do => Doing => Glad they did => Continuing to do).

• The 9 fundamental rules required to get through to anyone in any situation, including: Move yourself quickly from “oh f#@&” to “ok”, Open up your mind first, Make others feel “felt”, Be interested (not interesting), Make others feel valuable, Help people to exhale emotionally and mentally, Remove dissonance, When all else fails bare your neck, and Stay away from toxic people

• To equip yourself with 12 techniques to secure buy-in at different stages of the persuasion cycle.  These include: The impossibility question, The magic paradox, The empathy jolt, The reverse play, “Do you truly believe that?”, “Hmmmm”, The stipulation gambit, Transformational questions, Cooperating side by side, Fill in the blanks, Aim for a “no”, and the Power thank you / apology

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers, coaches and people developers
• Anyone who wants to improve their communications, negotiations or people skills.

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