Games People Play

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: The Psychology Of Human Relationships

by Eric Berne, M.D.

All of us play games in our interaction with others.  Most games are destructive, yet we continue to play them because of our underlying psychological issues, fears and motivations, and because we’re unaware of our own games. By understanding and recognizing the games we play, we can start to take control of our responses and consciously develop more fulfilling and secure relationships. In this book, founder of Transactional Analysis, Eric Berne, explains what happens during daily social interactions.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• The fundamentals of Transactional Analysis (TA)—the study of the dynamics of social interaction—including what’s a stroke, a transaction, and social intercourse;
• What are the 3 Ego States that shape how we think and live, and how to identify them in our daily interactions;
• The insights into various types of games (including life games, marital games, party games, sexual games, underworld games, consulting room games and good games) and how you can respond to them; and
• How you can develop game-free relationships that are more secure and fulfilling.

Who should read this:
• Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counselors
• Anyone who’s interested in human psychology and in improving your relationships

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