Go Put Your Strengths to Work

GO PUT YOUR STRENGTHS TO WORK: 6 Powerful Steps To Achieve Outstanding Performance

By Marcus Buckingham

Research shows that effective organizations and great achievers focus on leveraging their strengths rather than fixing their weaknesses. When we are engaging our strengths, we are at our most productive, creative and resilient. Yet, only 2 out of 10 people are putting their strengths to work everyday. How can you really “play to your strengths”? This book details 6 steps to identify your strengths and to apply it in real life for outstanding performance.

From this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 3 myths of personal strengths;
• The 3 components of your strengths, the 4 SIGNs of strengths, and the Capture => Clarify => Confirm approach to identify your strengths and weaknesses;
• The power of weekly planning and how to develop your Strong Week Plan for improvements every week;
• How you can enroll your manager and colleagues to support you in your strengths at work, and how you can build strong habits to sustain your performance and constant improvements.

Who should read this:
• Business leaders and Managers
• Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and Professionals in human resource or people development;
• Anyone who’s interested in personal development, professional development, and fulfilling their potential.

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4 reviews for Go Put Your Strengths to Work

  1. Nick Woodall

    Anything by Buckingham is worth reading. I love the strengths philosophy and this book really helps you to pinpoint how to effectively use them. [Review from Goodreads]

  2. Barry Davis

    This interesting and practical book closes with some insights for the manager who wishes to develop the strengths of the team, as well as providing answers for the typical questions that come up in implementing the process. [Review from Goodreads]

  3. Lynn

    While any “self help” book has it’s down side, I believe that this book did a good job of supporting the claims made, explaining the processess for assessing your strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them, and illustrating how the process has worked for others. However, I do believe following the suggested process item for item might be impossible for some – simply because each working environment is different. However, if you can take the overall concepts and use whatever you can out of those concepts and suggested steps, you will at least walk away with a better understanding of your true strengths, and some tools for improving your current work situation. That’s what I have done and have had good results so far. [Review from Goodreads]

  4. Leslie Shreve

    Who should read this book: Anyone who wants to re-write their job description, find out what their strengths are and apply them for maximum success at work.
    This is a great book to read if you are wondering if you’re in the best job or career for you. If you feel like you don’t get to play to your strengths every day at work, then this book can help you take a stand and rebuild your job around your strengths. He also questions all the activities that drain you and make you less productive on the job.
    Even if you’re in the right industry, in the right job and you’re playing to your strengths for much of the time, you’ll be validated by this book and THEN you can learn to push it even further, focusing MORE on your strengths and neutralizing your weaknesses.
    A lot of what Buckingham talks about in this book can be applied to life too and no matter where you apply it, you have the opportunity to become happier, more effective and more productive with your strengths.
    [Review from Goodreads]

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