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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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Remove the obstacles that are keeping you from the next level of success!

Learn how you can move to even greater heights by addressing certain habits at work that could be jeopardizing your otherwise-outstanding career. See more details below. Download What Got You Here Won’t Get You There summary in pdf infographic, text and audio formats.

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WHAT GOT YOU HERE WON’T GET YOU THERE: How Successful People Become Even More Successful

by Marshall Goldsmith

In this book, executive coach Marshall Goldsmith shares how successful people can move to even greater heights by addressing certain habits at work that’re jeopardizing their otherwise-outstanding career. After working with more than 100 executives over more than 30 years, Goldsmith found that the same beliefs that contributed to our past successes can also hinder our future successes. And, most successful people have 1-2 annoying interpersonal or leadership behaviors that’re keeping them from the next level. By becoming aware of these habits and making a decision to stop them, you can achieve even greater levels of success and impact.

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• The paradox of success, or how the same 4 beliefs that had brought you to where you are could also be blocking you from where you want to go;

• Which are the 20 ineffective behaviors and habits that successful people and senior leaders may exhibit unknowingly; and

• How to identify and stop the habits that are holding you back from the next level, and how to take the 7 steps to lock in the changes permanently.

Who should read this:
• Business leaders and managers
• Anyone who has achieved some level of success and wish to further develop themselves

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