The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

THE 5 LANGUAGES OF APPRECIATION IN THE WORKPLACE: Empowering Organizations  by Encouraging People

By Gary D. Chapman & Paul E. White

With increasingly-intense business competition, retaining quality employees has become a crucial element of business success, and even survival. This book builds on the hugely-successful “5 Love Languages” by Dr. Chapman, to explain how companies can use workplace appreciation to improve motivation and retention, without a huge cash outlay.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 5 languages of appreciation at the workplace;
• How to identify you and your colleagues’ primary and secondary languages; and
• How to apply these principles at work to improve employee motivation and retention.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers, human resource professionals and people development professionals.
• Consultants, coaches, team members, and anyone who’s interested in improving workplace relationships

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