The Magic of Thinking Big

THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG: Acquire the Secrets of Success…Achieve Everything You’ve Always Wanted

by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D

The secret to success doesn’t lie in superior talent or intellect. It lies in your thinking. The size of your achievements will never outgrow the size of your thinking. So, to increase your success, you must upsize your thinking. In this book, David Schwartz explains how you can think big to motivate yourself, improve your results, earn more money, and get more happiness and fulfillment out of life.

In this summary, you’ll learn 13 powerful principles for attaining bigger successes, including how to: Harness the power of belief, enlarge your thinking, eliminate your excuses, conquer your fears, think creatively, see yourself in a better light, create a first-class environment, improve your attitude, treat people right, take action proactively, turn defeat into triumph, make progress with clear/meaningful goals, and be an effective leader.

Who should read this:
• Anyone who’s interested to increase your level of success
• People who’re interested in personal growth and development

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