The Dip

THE DIP: A Little Book That Teaches You When To Quit (And When To Stick)

by Seth Godin

It’s a myth that winners never quit. In reality, winners and high-achievers attain outstanding results precisely because they know when to quit and when to persevere. In this book, Seth Godin explains why it’s so hard to quit the wrong things and stick to the right things, as well as what you should do to stay on the right path.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• Why you should aim to be the Best in the World at what you do;
• About the 3 curves that reflect all situations in life, and what to do about them; and
• How to quit strategically, i.e. when to stick and when to let go.

Who should read this:
• Anyone interested in achieving success and maximizing your potential;
• People who’re facing challenges in work and life.

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