Problem Solving 101

PROBLEM SOLVING 101: A Simple Book for Smart People

by Ken Watanabe

In this book, former McKinsey & Co consultant, Ken Watanabe, shares a simple but powerful approach that can be used by anyone to solve any problem, big or small.  This book was originally written to teach critical-thinking to Japanese schoolchildren, but quickly became an international bestseller for readers of all ages.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• The 5 types of problem-solvers,  and the ideal mindset for effective problem solving;

• How to solve any problem in 4 key steps, supported by several analytical tools in your problems-solving toolkit; and

• How to apply these steps/tools flexibly, using 2 detailed case studies  to illustrate the principles and process at work.

Who should read this:
• Students and educators who want to nurture essential problem-solving skills;
• Business leaders and professionals who need to solve a wide range of complex problems; and
• Anyone who wishes to improve their critical-thinking skills.

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