PRINCIPLES: Life and Work

by Ray Dalio

To succeed in any aspect of life you need to be guided by principles that’ll help you act consistently to get achieve what you truly want. In this book, billionaire Ray Dalio shares more than 500 principles and sub-principles that have helped him to succeed in life and work. Use these insights to uncover and apply your principles to create the outcomes that matter to you.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The insights to define your Life Principles, so you can think for yourself, decide what you want, what’s the truth, and what you should do. Learn what it means to (i) embrace reality, (ii) use a 5-Step Process to get what you want in life, (iii) be radically open-minded, (iv) understand how people are wired differently, and (v) make decisions effectively; and
• The insights on Work Principles, so you can align your work with your passions, and to do it with people you want to build a future with.  In particular, learn 16 key principles to (i) build a great culture, (ii) find great people and fit them in the right roles, and (iii) build/evolve machines to consistently achieve your goals.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers and business executives
• Anyone wants to achieve greater success in work and life

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