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Gain mastery to enjoy more success, control, money and fulfillment! 

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by Robert Greene

How do legendary figures like Charles Darwin and Leonardo Da Vinci uncover their calling and become widely-admired Masters with such phenomenal breakthroughs? Mastery is the sensation that you’re in full control of yourself, your environment and reality. As a master, you can enjoy both money and fulfillment doing what you naturally love.  In this book, Robert Greene combines extensive research on neuro/cognitive sciences and biographies of Masters to help you understand how you too, can become a high-achiever and attain mastery in your desired field(s).

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• How you can systematically nurture mastery in 3 phases: Apprenticeship, Creative-active and Mastery;
• The specific strategies and tips on how to (i) find your calling, (ii) become a great apprentice, (iii) find the right mentor(s) and optimize your relationship with them, (iv) cultivate social intelligence, (v) become multi-dimensional and (vi) combine intuition and rationality to become a true Master; and
• Inspiring insights from stories and examples of Masters from various walks of life, e.g. sports, art, and medicine.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, coaches, trainers, teachers and people developers
• Anyone who wants to find your ideal career, purpose/niche, achieve breakthrough results, and have greater success and fulfillment

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