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Learn to more effectively shape your abilities and improve your performance!

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Learn to more effectively shape your abilities and improve your performance!

Learning is one of the key success ingredients in any area of life. Yet, most of us are learning the wrong way. This book explains why many of our existing learning strategies are ineffective, and presents a better approach that will deliver deeper, more precise and more lasting learning.

Here are the key takeaways you can expect from the book:
• Understand how learning occurs, and what’s required for learning to be effective;
• Find out why the common/popular learning strategies we use (e.g. re-reading, repeated practice) are ineffective; and
• Learn empirically-proven learning strategies, why they work and how you can apply them to improve your performance and abilities..

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[Note: You can also enjoy this summary through our Subscription Plans]

Who should read this:
• Parents, educators, coaches, trainers and people in the education and people-development industries
• Business leaders and people responsible for learning & development
• Students and and anyone who believes in lifelong learning.

Key words/concepts covered: Success, Lifelong Learning, Growth, Personal Development, Learning & Development, Education, Potential, Neuroplasticity, Coaching, Teaching, Learning Strategies, Spaced Practice, Retrieval Practice, Interleaving, Variation, Effortful Learning, Learning Structures, Make it Stick, Peter Brown, Henry Roediger III, Mark McDaniel

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