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Impact Players

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Play to your Full Potential and Multiply Your Impact!

Find out how the most impactful players see and do things differently to create extraordinary impact and value. Adopt these winning mindsets and practices to maximize the potential for youself and your team! See more details below. Download Impact Players summary in pdf infographic, text and audio formats.

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Play to your Full Potential and Multiply Your Impact!

Why do some people operate at their full potential while others underutilize their abilities? To answer this question, Liz Wiseman and her research team spoke with 170 executives across 10 countries, surveyed 350 managers from various industries, and conducted detailed interviews with 25 high-impact contributors. They found that Impact Players exist at all levels and industries–they contribute more than 3x the value of a typical contributor and about 10x that of an under-contributor.

This book explains why/how the most impactful players see and do things differently, with practical insights and tips for contributers, leaders and professionals in organizational or people development.

Here are some powerful insights you can expect from this summary by ReadinGraphics:

• Uncover the 4 main differences between Impact Players vs Typical Contributors.

• Learn how to cultivate the 5 practices and mindsets that allow Impact Players to respond with outstanding results to 5 types of everyday challenges: messy problems, unclear roles, unforeseen obstacles, moving targets, and unrelenting burdens. Specifically, find out how they (1) do the job that’s needed, (2) step up then step back, (3) finish stronger, (4) ask and adjust, and (5) make work light;

• Find out how to nurture the high-impact habits of Impact Players, with steps and actionable tips to cultivate the desired mindset and habits in individuals and teams;

• Learn how to master the 5 practices more easily with 2 foundational skills, gather evidence of your progress, contribution and impact; and

• Understand what it takes to build a high-impact team by recruiting and developing Impact Players, building a champion team and a winning culture.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers and aspiring leaders
• Anyone keen to improve their leadership skills and team/organizational results

You can choose from 2 ReadinGraphics summary bundles including:

1. Graphic + Text + Audio bundle ($13.97)
• A one-page infographic, or graphic summary in pdf;
• An 18-page text summary in pdf; and
• A 27-min audio summary in mp3.

2. Graphic + Text bundle ($9.97)
• A one-page infographic, or graphic summary in pdf; and
• An 18-page text summary in pdf.

[Note: You can also enjoy this summary through our Subscription Plans]

Key words/concepts covered: Personal Development, Self Help, Personal Growth, Self Improvement, Success, Potential, Leadership, Management, Business, People Development, Organizational Development,  Performance Management, Talent Development, Career, Human Resource Management, Mindset, Culture, Coaching, Impact Players, Liz Wiseman

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