How the Mighty Fall

HOW THE MIGHTY FALL: And Why Some Companies Never Give In

By Jim Collins

Every great institution trips at some point in its history. All companies, no matter how successful or established, can fail. The crux is to know you’re on the verge of a decline and to turn things around early. Through 4 years of research, Jim Collins discovers that most great companies fall through 5 stages of decline, which can be detected early and avoided. This book covers each of these stages, and how to prevent, detect or reverse the decline before it’s too late.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• Why some great companies die, while others successfully recover from a fall;
• The 5 stages of decline, their associated symptoms, and how you can detect them early or prevent a potential downfall; and
• Powerful leadership, management and strategy tips from case studies of companies like Motorola, Texas Instruments, Xerox, HP, IBM, and more.

Who should read this:
• CEOs, Business Leaders, and Managers
• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
• Consultants and anyone who’s interested in business strategy

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