Homo Deus

HOMO DEUS: A Brief History Of Tomorrow

By Yuval Noah Harari

What’s mankind’s purpose on earth? What drives us today? Will we still exist a few centuries from now and how are our actions today defining our fate as a species?  This book helps us to understand how humankind came to dominate this world, the dilemmas we face as a species, and poses some tough questions that will determine our collective futures.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
How our beliefs and religions have evolved over the centuries–from our hunter-gatherer ancestors to the agricultural and scientific revolutions–and why the beliefs and ideologies we hold today may be totally obsolete in the future;
The myths and facts about what humans are and aren’t: Are we special, enlightened beings with eternal souls and consciousness? Or are we just the dominant species at the moment, because of certain evolutionary traits? What does our relationship with other animals tell us about a world where humans are no longer the smartest species?
Why humans’ ability to imagine, create stories and meaning has allowed us to become the dominant species on Earth. Learn how our webs of meaning have shaped our societies and systems, and what it means for our choices and future;
• The complementary roles served by science and religion, and why it’s important for religions to understand technology to remain relevant in our modern societies;
The biggest dilemmas and challenges facing humankind today, including (a) the need for constant economic growth vs the risk of ecological collapse, (b) our belief in people  as unique individuals vs the risk of losing ourselves to technology, and (c) our desire for longer lives and greater bliss vs the risk of progressively rigging our biology until we are no longer humans.

Who should read this:
• Professionals or leaders in science/technology, social work, religion and government
• Anyone interested in personal development, religion, sciences and life purpose

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