Life 3.0

LIFE 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

by Max Tegmark

Will artificial intelligence (AI) happen in the next century? What are the implications (good and bad) for humanity and this universe? More importantly, if mankind truly succeeds in creating an AI with full cognitive capabilities (Life 3.0), it’d probably be able to design its own hardware and software to surpass humans in ways that we can’t even imagine. The best chance humanity has of positive outcomes is if Life 3.0’s goals are aligned with ours to begin with. And, now is the time to align those goals while AI is being developed. That brings us to the related challenges of (i) defining what humanity truly wants for our future, (ii) determining the benefits we wish to bring and (iii) creating the solutions to prevent threats that can escalate beyond our control.  Given the speed, complexity and learning capabilities of AI, it’s absolutely critical that we resolve these issues before we roll out AI on a large scale.  Tegmark invites all of us to join in this most important conversation of our time.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
•  How the universe and life were formed, and the difference between the 3 stages of life;
• The important concepts like “life”, “intelligence” and “consciousness” from a scientific perspective and learn where artificial intelligence or AI fits in;
• The thought-provoking insights into the various opportunities, threats, controversies and possible outcomes that AI could bring, both in the near future and in the distant future; and
Tough questions about what you would want for your future and that of humanity.

Who should read this:
• Professionals or leaders in science/technology, education, business and government
• Anyone interested in the future of mankind, evolution and sciences and life purpose

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