Finish Give Yourself The Gift Of Done

FINISH: Give Yourself The Gift Of Done

by Jon Acuff

Most people find it easier to start something than to finish it. In this book, Jon Acuff explains why it’s so hard to complete what we’ve started, and presents a set of principles and tips to help us finish our plans and achieve real results. Fundamentally, the key to finishing is not about working harder. It’s about overcoming perfectionism, which causes us to set overly-ambitious goals, amplify our mistakes, diminish our achievements, complicate things and quit prematurely.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The difference between perfectionism and excellence, and why perfectionism can be an obstacle to success; and
• The insights on how to finish what you’ve started. Learn what it means to embrace imperfection, why halving your goals help you achieve more, why you should drop some goals, how to have fun and motivate yourself, how to recognize the self-made obstacles and hidden rules that sabotage your success, why you should use data as a guide, and how to overcome the fears of finishing.

Who should read this:
• People who have problems finishing what they’ve started.
• Anyone who wants to improve personal effectiveness and success.
• Leaders and coaches/mentors.

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