Beyond Order

BEYOND ORDER: 12 More Rules For Life

by Jordan B. Peterson

Order and chaos are 2 sides of the same coin. Too much order can lead to ridigity and stagnation while too much chaos can be confusing and overwhelming. In times of turbulence and chaos, we may try to restore order by rigidly clinging to what we “know”. Unfortunately, this only backfires. In 12 Rules for Life, Jordan Peterson presented 12 rules to help you create a sense of order in a chaotic world. In this book, he presents an additional 12 rules to help you embrace chaos and avoid rigidity in times of upheaval.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• The roles of Order and Chaos in our lives; and

• The 12 rules that can help you to embrace chaos and find meaning/peace in times of uncertainty: Balance social convention and creative change, Keep moving toward your ideal self,  Address the small issues, Look for opportunities where responsibility has been abdicated, Don’t betray your values and conscience, Cast ideologies aside, Commit to something fully, Create something beautiful, Clear up unresolved issues from the past, Sustain romance with planning and effort, Don’t succumb to resentment, deceit or arrogance, and Stay grateful in spite of your suffering.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, parents, educators, coaches and people developers
• People who’re facing turbulence, upheavals or major challenges in life

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