WHO: The A Method for Hiring

WHO: The A Method for Hiring

by Geoff Smart & Randy Street

Leaders tend to focus on the “Whats” in their organizations, e.g. the strategies, products and services, systems and processes. However, without the right people in the right place, whatever problems you fix will only resurface again. The #1 problem in any organization is hence to find and put the right people in the right roles, so they can make the right decisions and deliver outcomes that matter. Once you address the “Whos”, the Whats” will naturally fall in place.  This book presents The A Method for Hiring, a proven 4-part process by ghSMART to find and hire A players for any level of your organization.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• The 4 key hiring mistakes that plague organizations and the 10 “voodoo hiring methods” that cause hiring failures; and
• How to apply this 4-part approach to find, select and successfully hire A-Players for your organization. This includes (i) developing a Scorecard (or success blueprint) for the role, (ii) having a ready Source (by building a talent pipeline in advance), (iii) Selecting the right people (using 4 interviews) and (iv) Selling successfully to secure the candidates you want.

Who should read this:
• Human resource (HR) professionals, recruiters and consultants
• Leaders and business executives

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