The Science of Self-Control

THE SCIENCE OF SELF-CONTROL: 53 Tips to Stick to Your Diet, Be More Productive and Excel in Life

by Menno Henselmans

Do you believe that you have limited willpower, or even weak willpower? What if you already have unlimited willpower, and all you lack is the understanding of how self-control works and how to manage it? In this book, Menno Henselmans presents hundreds of scientific references and research studies to explain the science self-control, along with 53 tips and strategies to take control of your mind and body, improve your productivity, motivation, health and fitness.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• How your brain works, uncover the misconceptions about willpower, and why/how you suffer from self-control failures

53 practical tips/strategies (along with their scientific background) to improve your self-control in real life. These include: 16 tips for improving productivity, 23 tips for sticking to a sound diet, 10 tips for exercising more effortlessly, and 4 tips for improving your self-motivation.

Who should read this:
• Anyone who wishes to improve their self-control and willpower;
• People who want specific strategies or tips for dieting, weight-loss, better health, fitness, productivity and motivation.

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