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Shoe Dog

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Get inspired by Nike’s startup journey!

Get a rare glimpse of how Nike began, and the challenges that the founding team had to overcome.  See more details below. Download Shoe Dog Book Summary in pdf infographic, text and audio formats or preview the book summary via our blog!

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SHOE DOG: A Memoir By The Creator Of Nike

By Phil Knight

Many business books suggest that to build a successful business, you need a winning team, great leadership, a grand vision, and a robust strategy which you systematically roll out. Nike’s founder, Phil Knight, shows us otherwise. In these memoirs, he shares vivid accounts of his journey from 1962 as a fresh graduate to 1980 when Nike went public.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• How Nike really began, how the founding team translated a Crazy Idea into a business and the range of mistakes and seemingly-insurmountable challenges that the team had to overcome;
• To know the key people who shaped Nike, and how a team of misfits survived crushing setbacks to transform an industry; and
• To never give up in your business, and to find your calling in life.

Who should read this:
• Entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders
• Nike fans, shoe dogs, and anyone who’s seeking your calling in life

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