Reinventing Organizations

REINVENTING ORGANIZATIONS: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage Of Human Consciousness

by Frederic Laloux

Over centuries of human evolution, mankind has changed the way we organize ourselves and collaborate with one another. Our organizational models reflect our levels of consciousness at each phase of our evolution. What if there was a way to build dream organizations that (a) overcome existing problems of bureaucracy, silos and infighting, (b) allow us to grow in a sustainable way without irreversibly damaging our ecology and (c) allow people to do productive and meaningful work, develop their talents/potential and fulfill their calling? This book gives us a glimpse of the new paradigm that we’re entering as a species, and the organizational models and practices that can allow us to address most of our modern-day challenges.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• How our organizational models reflect our consciousness and psychological development;
• The 7 paradigms of mankind’s consciousness evolution, and the breakthroughs and limitations of our organizational models in each paradigm;
• Why we’re likely to be on the verge of another paradigm shift, and what we can learn from pioneer organizations that have already made the leap to the new paradigm;
• The specific philosophies and practices used by the pioneer organizations to achieve new breakthroughs in self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose; and
• to uncover the 2 critical conditions needed to create or transit to the new paradigm.

Who should read this:
• Business leaders, managers, executives, and strategic consultants
• Leaders from profit and non-profit organizations looking for new approaches to global challenges

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