Organizational Culture and Leadership


by Edgar H. Schein

Organizational culture and leadership are undoubtedly 2 of the most powerful factors behind an organization’s performance and survival.  Yet, these concepts can be extremely complex and frustrating to grasp and manage.  What exactly is culture?  And, what can leaders (if anything) do to truly understand and shape their group’s culture? In this book, the “father” of organizational culture, Edgar Schein, presents powerful definitions, frameworks and models that any researcher or practitioner can use to understand culture and leadership in depth.

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• Specific frameworks and models for understanding a culture and its interrelated components. This includes: the (i) 4 categories of culture (macroculture, organizational culture, subculture, microculture), (ii) the 3 levels of culture (artifacts, beliefs/values and assumptions), and the (iii) content or dimensions to which cultural assumptions can be applied (assumptions about external environment, internal integration, reality/truth, time/space, human nature).

• The considerations for diagnosing culture, including research methodology, ethical issues and internal/external risks involved;

How groups evolve naturally in 4 stages, and how leaders can shape culture deliberately at each stage with certain change mechanisms. Learn the 3 stages and 10-steps for diagnosing, designing and implementing cultural change.

Who should read this:
• Researchers and organizational behavioral specialists
• Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, leaders, business consultants and strategists

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