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It’s the Manager

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Learn the best management practices for the modern workplace!

Find out how work and people have evolved, and what organizations should do to thrive. See more details below. Download It’s the Manager summary in pdf infographic, text and audio formats.

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IT’S THE MANAGER: Moving from Boss to Coach

by Jim Clifton & Jim Harter

How have lifestyles and expectations about work changed? How do the younger generations of workers see their work and careers today? Which organizational practices are the most effective for the modern workforce? This book presents Gallup’s research answers to these questions. The insights are useful for any leader, manager, executive or human resource (HR) professional.

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• How work expectations have changed for Millennials and Generation Z, and what it means for your organization’s strategy and culture;

• How to attract, develop and retain top talents by building an employment brand and managing the employee life cycle. This includes: attracting top talents, hiring the best fit, setting the right tone with onboarding, managing performance, improving employee engagement, coaching people to grow, planning effective successions and exits; and

• The future of work, including trends/priorities in: diversity and inclusion, creativity and innovation, technology and digitization, telecommuting, remote work and gig jobs.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers and business owners;
• Human resource practitioners (including HR personnel, trainers and coaches);

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